Farmer for active users

Suggested by: TeRRoR ()
Bot should scan every user and calculate/simulate a considerable fleet amount to attack the player, so that the amount of won ressources still would be more than the losses of fleet.
Awaiting approval

giggiog67 ()


mistrzou ()

If this will come add ninja protection for this - bot auto slow down fleet before the attack and check espionage report if the defense or enemy fleet changed number % e.g. if increased more than 30% (how many % difference option to set by user) then cancel attack if no continue.

freakler ()

I think this idea is great, but it should be a separate function.
That that you can que for "Active" players only and maybe also give a range of player rank (example rank 100 to 200)

pakiec22 ()

Maybe but farming inactives should stay as it is now too

k3c3l ()

nos e ingles

lawyer02 ()

Any update on this?

JackieSparrow ()

There must be a script for this come on? Totally waiting for this!

darkday166 ()

this would be great

1r0n ()

We need it

J4cKaSs ()

i want this :o

lamilom ()

Any update on this? Its the most wanted feature currently..
even farmer for not active players with small defence

lawyer02 ()

I still waiting this option. if this option come, i ll buy again.

welti ()

hello terror
will you merge to electra when the option comes? I really would love to see whose bot is better.

michael ()

I am actually attacking players where I lose 30% units but get +60% Units out of the attack. You can easy do it by scripting!

lawyer02 ()

we need this. because bot only farm bot. we need real bot.

Sousapt95 ()

waiting this one too

welti ()

I really like this idea my friend terror from vega.

TeRRoR ()

Any update on this? Its the most wanted feature currently :)
I also would appreciate if the bot would farm inactives with defense as already said.

water952 ()

even farmer for not active players with small defence

Ninja9871 ()

Yes i'am for this option too or at least when you want to use the conqueror plugin it can set up the good amount of fleet to send to win the battle base on what you have.