Will monitor any attacks on your planets and fleetsave your ships and resources before the attacks arrive, as well as recalling the fleet afterwards. Optionally, you can get notified through e-mail or Telegram when you are getting attacked.


Automatically spy & attack inactive players. Also compatible with universes where the spy probe has cargo capacity!


Visualize your fleet activities and ensure it looks like a human is playing.

Empire view

Summary view of all of your planets and moons on a single page.

Combat simulator

Quickly simulate a combat using your planet settings and an espionage report with our in-built simulator.

Universe map

Overview of the whole universe. Find the planets of any player or alliance quickly.

Augmented browsing experience

OGame Ninja injects new features into the html.
For example, you get a link to fill the form with maximum possible units when building something.
You get a list of all the users's planets when browsing the galaxy page.
The highscore list is augmented with player's status. (active/inactive, vacation...)