expiration time of espionages

Suggested by: kidjam ()
Espionages must have an expiration time, as there are times that they are attacked after several hours of spying
Awaiting approval

kidjam ()

When a spy has 2 or 3 hours, it is very possible that it is no longer feasible.
Imagine that I spy an area and about 40 planets appear that I can attack but I only have 15 free slots. When I can attack again, 2 hours have passed since I did the spying. And when he attacks the number 40, 4 or 5 hours have passed.
This variable of time is what I speak of. Being able to control the time in which an espionage is viable to attack.
I feel like I express myself in English, but I'm using the google translator

licalica ()

maybe an option in the farm session to make the espionage reports valid before "x" hours. when the time passes, a new session is started (if available)

kidjam ()

Spy on the chosen rank.
Attack until slot complete
As they are free slot, you continue with the attacks, but it has been a while (80-100 minutes)
Those espionages I mean, that since it was spied a long time has passed and they may have become obsolete with what the attack fails.

notriv ()

Not sure which espionage you're talking about ?