Updated login system URGENT

Suggested by: brb20 ()
Ogame has changed some login parameters to detect those who use bots.
Everyone who uses ninja will be detected if the owner of the bot don't make an urgent patch!!
Awaiting approval

mounet ()


zbyszekzdobywca ()

Notriv where are you dog ?

Marc ()

Any Other bot ?? For Ogame

elGrande ()

admins are gone. This Bot is dead. Hope ypu paid with PayPal to get your money back

NoPain ()

Any news from the admin?

brb20 ()

I think they also ahve to refund the Money for everyone, becouse we paid for it but we cant use the bot

elGrande ()

Same here. Pls fix ASAP

Marvin6666 ()

Agreed. JSON object is parsed in wrong way due to log in changes. Log say:
failed to get login link : json: cannot unmarshal array into Go value of type struct { URL string } : []

bopp66 ()

Unable to log here. Will mv ans wait