Smart resource dump in defense

Suggested by: mistrzou ()
Hello, we have option to dump remaining resources in defence when attack arrives but I would like to see option to dump resources in defense when certain amount specified by player is reached. For example I want to dump in plasma cannons when my metal on the planet would be 5kk and if I have enough crystal and deuterium bot will auto queque production of plasma cannon to reduce metal amount below 5kk. I will suggest to add a range level for example bot will build random amounts of plasma cannons for example from range 1-5, it would look more human. This feature should also have limit option to set for example stop building more if exceed 2000 plasma cannons.
Why this option? Sometimes people want to go on holiday somewhere outside and don't have time to control the amounts of production on all their planets, this option will allow us to sleep better and reduce the chances of potential attack.
Awaiting approval

mistrzou ()

This feature could also include dumping remaining resources on planets in defense before going to sleep mode (with amount limitation of specific defense structures set by player)