Smart Inactive Attacker

Suggested by: TeRRoR ()
It would be great to use the farmer with more intelligence and skip all planets that cant just fulfill my targets according to last scan and my requirements.
Lets say I want to attack planets with 5M ressources. I now scan a planet which has mines of 40/38/36 - from the speed of universe I can know how much those mines can produce. So if the farming bot scans next time he should know that if it would be possible (compared to last time) that this planet now has already potentially the target of 5M for me or not. It would be an easy calculation if I am scanning the target 30 minutes later that this planet could impossible get this amount of ressources which were missing last time within 30 minutes. Only if the target would meet the ressources now theoreticaly from the time frame and calculation, then it should be rescanned again to check if it really has this amount of ressources available.


notriv ()

Will be in next release

TeRRoR ()

See here the idea: http://prntscr.com/rw72li
The basis would be each spy report with the amount of ressources available as well as the mines-level. We do know in the universe what is the speed. So with that we do know what mine-level can produce how much. Given the spy report, I can calculate that to reach my target for a planet, I would still need to wait another 4 hours and scan it then again, I could skip this planet for scanning in the meantime. Once the target time is reached, I could scan the planet again and check. If target amount is reached => attack. Otherwise take new ressources amount and calculate again (maybe need to wait longer, because another player already attacked this target)

TeRRoR ()

This feature would dramatically increase the efficiency of the farming bot as it only scans targets which he can be sure they could have meet the ressources compared from last time of scan to a possible scan now.