Scan Derbis fields on 16 psoition

Suggested by: gepeto317 ()
Posibility to scan derbis fields on position 16, like top 100 normal derbis fields close to planets, and can dend pathfinders to these locations.
Awaiting approval

Cugo ()

yes there are DF sied at blns of ress, i produce from 3 to 6 bln every fight i get
a lot of times i do not have enough PF to collect all, and/or am offline when the fight happens so it lays there for hours

RIPragnar ()

Isn't there a way to collect military shipment CDs automatically?

AntR ()

In my server a lot of player that are Generals or Collectors don't know that they can collect debris from position 16. Therefore, sometimes I see and collect fields with a couple millions resources...

gepeto317 ()

i have seen like 100m of each resources (metal and crystal)

gepeto317 ()

How can i do that????

TeRRoR ()

Is this really needed? I mean, are there really big debris fields? And if there are: Wouldnt the creator of this debris field from expedition not harvest it fast himself?