Inside out farming

Suggested by: JoaquinI ()
When you start a farming session the proccess starts from the first ss you put and advance one by one, my suggestion is that you can choose if this proccess goes with this logic, or it starts from the center and goes to the sides.

So if I choose -10/me/+10 ss, my ss will be the first attacked ( and getting resources more quick ).

Hope is not complicated to understand.

BTW: I'm a developer, working with .NET/Angular & with knowledge of Node.js, if you need some help with the app just send me an e-mail, i have some free time during quarentine (my user is JoauinI).
Awaiting approval

notriv ()

Let say your ss is 20, would you do: 20, 21, 19, 22, 18, 23, 17... ? (that seems unrealistic if you were to do it manually.

JoaquinI ()

.. and getting resources quicker*.. sorry