Importing should use rounded up ressources

Suggested by: TeRRoR ()
Its very "stupid" that the importing process imports the exact amount of required ressources to build a structure. Nobody would send ressources like this to his planet. Could the importer please send ressources like "rounding up to the next 100, 1000, 10000 or 100000 units"?
Awaiting approval

Archer ()

I must be the one who plays differently.
I always check the amount of resources that exist in the chosen location, go to the moon where I have the resources saved, select the right resources that are missing to produce what I want in the chosen location, and send them to the moon closest to the destination, only then do I send it to the destination planet.
There is no reason to send the rounded amount of resources, which I would then have to send back, as I do not let resources accumulate on the planets, and for better management of resources I keep them all together.

Frensis ()

I agree a very acute problem possible ban for using scripts need to be fixed