Fix: GET, Forbidden

Suggested by: NautiqueSpace ()
As of yesterday I'm getting errors:

I reversed to 0.95.3, however that didn't solve the issue.

Get "https://s141-nl.ogame.gameforge.com/game/lobbylogin.php?id=101093&token=d8f3ca1a-f127-4c03-a0b0-c6eec97c2320": Forbidden

weedkiller1991 ()

I love this thing many botgamers are down

tweezek ()

Problem have apr. 24 hour time. Still waiting. We paing for this bot, so i hope we have compensation for this.I Hope so :D

NautiqueSpace ()

No, Cozzack. It's most likely a flaw of the 0.96.0 patch and we have to wait for a solution.

For now, upvote this post and the other one so the author knows it's not just a few people.

cozzack1 ()

i have problem like you, have you any sugestion??