Farmer: Avoid sending multiple fleets to one target

Suggested by: LordMike ()
I'm experiencing the farmer sending 4-6 fleets to one planet, even though I have more than enough ships to carry all in one go..

I'm thinking this is because we can only get 50% or so, resources, for each attack.. Buut.. This also means that fleet #2 will get 25% of the original resources, and I think that the other targets would provide more than that. So the farmer should reconsider other targets, before sending fleet #2, #3 etc..
Awaiting approval

Cr0ss0v3r ()

It depends on your Settings. If you set for example to go for Targets with more than 100.000 Ressources and the Target has lets say 1 Million the Bot will send 3 Waves. First gets 500k second 250k and third 125k. Thats how the Bot is supposed to work.