Defining random time delays for features

Suggested by: TeRRoR ()
I would love to see settings to define our own time delays in features like:
* Sending attacks
* Scanning
* Checking espionage reports

I dont know what the bot is exactly doing --- like if he is really opening pages or just sending requests to ogame's servers. I want the bot to behave more human like.

Scanning intervalls are too fast in my opinion, same for galaxy scanning (can only set a fixed value .. it would be very suspicious to open each page with an exact delay of xxx MS - especially if there are "good debris" etc. on one page, a player would stop and check closer for example)

Please implement a settings page where we would define time delays for actions like sending attacks, sendings probes, scanning galaxy with "from" - "to" delay, so the random delay would be something like XXX and YYY miliseconds.
Awaiting approval

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