Suggested by: Ninja9871 ()
1. i would like to suggest that when you use the conqueror and go to the simulator it will set up the right amount of fleet to win the battle depend on what you have.

2. Add in conqueror auto simulator for missile and button for launch it.

3. Defender should auto produce interception missile if you got attacked by missile. (allow to use dark matter to finish fast build)

4. Defender should save fleet like 1 or 2 times max and set a automatic path (with a manuel set up of hours to move away)
i'm saying that because i attacked someone while he wasn't playing i attacked him 3 or 4 time (i guess he using defender + fleet recall 10s after)
and of course none attack has occur on his fleet but you can easily say it was a bot (no activity on the planet but dodge 4 times the attack lol)

5.Like the moon for minimum deut, put a minimum of each ressources to keep on each planet.
Awaiting approval

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