Colonizer / logic for colonization

Suggested by: ogameninja2412 ()
It would be really nice if we could have some sort of colonizer.
E.g. one select starting planet/moon, than select where you want to colonize which galaxy and solarsystem range and which planetposition.
Than you put in what temperature range or exact temperature you want and how many fields the planet should have at least.
The bot should than use all fleet slots to send ships for colonization no matter how many planets you can colonize. Lets say i can colonize 1 more planet but have 16 fleet slots. ideally the bot would send 16 ships and than decide one by one if the planet matches the criteria or not. otherwise it woult take too much time if the bot woudl only send 1 ship and wait for the result.
Awaiting approval

ogameninja2412 ()

i dont see a problem with this. you could decide if you want to use it or not.

mistrzou ()

This requires bot to type account password for deleting planets.