403 forbidden

Suggested by: Toinou ()
What is this when want create bot

Raori ()

error 403 what can i make ? how to fix

esben ()

Se ve que este proyecto fue abandonado, comentarios desde enero y nadie da soporte.

iliana ()

en gros on paie un truc qui ne fonctionne pas ou plus

koutad ()

Hello there.. I have same problem. if anyone find solution we waiting.

Scorpio ()

Czy ktos ma juz rozwiazanie tego problemu 403 ???

angel150es ()

I can't log in too. Did someone resolve the problem ?

Palimydzisqna ()

I can't log in too. Did someone resolve the problem ?

matuch ()

hello Mr. Owner, tell us pls, whats wrong with bot ? what is "403 forbidden"?

brb20 ()

The bot is not working anymore, and the owner seems left the project probably.

DefqonNaFri ()

i have the same prob what can do ?

Nero ()

Alguna solucion?

bencko1 ()

ME also have the same problem, someone know hpw to fix?

freakler ()

same for me since today

janolehuebner ()

same for me

hobbsogame ()

Hola. Pudieron solucionarlo? Yo estoy igual

Bayu ()

Same here how to fix it ?

mounet ()

same for me

Bass ()

the same is happening to me, and I can't log in.
How do I resolve this?

Toinou ()

403 forbiddien when i want create bot . What can i do ?