Browser is loading forever?

If you are not "self-hosting", you can skip reading this page.

This is happening because the browser can only open 6 simultaneous connections to the same server.
Some pages in ogame open 5 connections at the same time (fleet page), and the bot opens at least 1 for the websocket.
So if another tab is open, the maximum connections is reached, and the browser refuses to load.

Solution 1: use https for multiplexing connections (for self-hosting)

Go to the admin section, settings. Enable Start https web server Restart the application Then open the browser at https://localhost:8081
And you should not longer have issues with the browser loading forever

Solution 2: use firefox and change the configs (not the best)

Get and use firefox
Open a new tab and go to about:config
Search for network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server and put 20 instead of the default 6
And that will solve the browser not loading

Solution 3: use reverse tunnel

Go to your admin section, and toggle on the "reverse tunnel"
Then when you use https://<your-username> you should no longer have the browser loading forever issue.
That being said, it should much slower than Solution 1