Compiled script

Compiled script is experimental and subject to major changes

Why compiled script ?

  • You can share a script with other users without sharing the sources/logic.
  • You can build simple user interfaces to configure the script.

Scaffold new project

./nja scaffold new_project

Scaffolding a new project will create two files:

  • config.xml this is where you configure the user interface
  • main.ank this is the entry point for the script

Compile project

To compile a project into a single .nja file, run the following command

./nja compile new_project

You can share this .nja file with other users without having to share the sources of the script.

How to develop

One way of doing it would be to:

  • Develop, validate and test your script on the scripts tab in nja
  • Once you are happy with the result, remove the configuration variables from the script, and create your xml UI
  • Then you can copy the remaining script in nain.ank inside your project
  • And then compile the project.nja file

Tooling are still being worked on to improve this process.