The galaxy page is very similar to what you have in the original game with some improvements.
From this page, you can add players or alliances to ignore list. (farmer will skip these players/alliances)
You can search for players/alliances and get a result page of all of their locations.
You can also get a top 100 of the biggest debris fields discovered during the last universe scan.

Scan this page button will scan the current system and refresh the database with the very latest data.
Scan universe will start a complete scan of the universe.
Get spy reports will import the spy reports from ogame into the local database.

Player page

If you click on a player’s name, you will be redirected to his page.
From there, you can see the rank of that player over time.
You can click “Add to hunter list” to add this player to your hunter targets.
You can click “Spy all” button to spy all the planets/moons of this player.
You can click “Crawl systems” button to update all planets/moons information of this player.

Alliance page

If you click on an alliance name, you will be redirected to the alliance page.
On this page you can see the coordinate of all players in this alliance.

Map tab

On the map tab, you can have an overview of the whole universe, and visualise where the inactive/active/vacation players are.