AntiGame Ninja

AntiGame Ninja is here for reverse engineering educational purposes. Please do not use it to modify AGR code.

How to install

- Download the binary
- Execute the binary
- Go to chrome://extensions
- Enable the "Developer mode"
- Drag & drop the generated folder in this page
- Visit the built-in browser in fullscreen mode
- For a good experience, go to bot settings and disable the browser augments as they conflict with AGR.


File name OS Arch Size SHA256 Checksum
agn.darwin.amd64.tar.gz macOS x86-64 3.8 MB 0987d3f94cb8da08f4c15fdfb09d1ab4ae3248420ed4af388bf6fa84211ed87b
agn.linux.amd64.tar.gz linux x86-64 3.9 MB f5e5cfadbb2fdff97367a92fb9d000aecb44b2b322718c6297404eabfad8b7e3 windows x86-64 3.8 MB 107e056ec9b260659849a85547972c70276b2787e9aa81a15794a8aed103f64d