AntiGame Ninja

AntiGame Ninja is here for reverse engineering educational purposes. Please do not use it to modify AGR code.

How to install

- Download the binary
- Execute the binary
- Go to chrome://extensions
- Enable the "Developer mode"
- Drag & drop the generated folder (`antigameNinja`) in this page
- Visit the built-in browser in fullscreen mode
- For a good experience, go to bot settings and disable the browser augments as they conflict with AGR.


File name OS Arch Size SHA256 Checksum
agn-11.2.0.darwin.amd64.tar.gz macOS x86-64 4.4 MB 1ec4ec4c8efd8294d4d91dcd83024b3d5dc19c71bde0ebab2d63016fa29b3775
agn-11.2.0.linux.amd64.tar.gz linux x86-64 4.4 MB 9b66cb1072ce9738fd5b888690e8a307ec8ccf9ff9340c7ea85dbe340bf62bbb windows x86 4.4 MB 8088a3339cdeff424b1e2fad7565559d675c049181c2effa0f3db0bb9aa58ec8 windows x86-64 4.5 MB 1b17c9769c0746a4ee22b5e00d4b11083e4180cba3b6480c00e683c6835618ff